The most user-friendly apparatus in Pilates. It places the body in many positions, but mostly in a supine position in order to align the bones which will aid in proper muscle activation. The movements performed can range from fundamental to extremely advanced and for every possible purpose. Classes are 1 hour 



Ballet Barre 

30 minute Classical Ballet Barre repertoire followed by 20 minutes on the reformer's  jumpboard and  ending with a 10 minute cool down/stretch.


Cirque du



Aerial/Hammock class provides an introductory to aerial fundamentals utilizing a combination of balance, strength, flexibility, and endurance to challenge each student’s fitness level. Each class begins with a warm up on the floor and then in the apparatus. Students are navigated through modules of progressive poses and transitions focusing on technique, proper form, core strength, and endurance. While classes are taught in a group setting, individualized assistance is provided to each student to ensure safety and progression. Students may be given alternate poses/transitions to accommodate individual physical ability. After the first 45 minutes, classes conclude with a 10-15 minute conditioning session to develop strength and muscle memory needed for progression.

* Please prepare for Aerial/Hammock class by wearing leggings, tights or other form fitting pants without zippers, or rivets and be free of jewelry (they may rip the silks.)
Also as a courtesy to other classmates please be free of oils, lotions and other odors that will adhere to the silks. Thank you for your cooperation!




1 hour of quick paced movements to strengthen and tone your body all accompanied to up beat music. It's a party atmosphere where you can burn up to hundreds of calories in an hour! No dance experience necessary. Come and get your GROOVE on!

1 hour of classical pilates on a mat. Mat work promotes a flow of cardiovascular endurance making mat technique  the "flow work" of pilates. The levels range from fundamental to advanced. 

Mat Pilates