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Custom Airbrush Tanning:

New state of the art sunless tanning solution and equipment made to give you an enriched healthy tan in a matter of minutes!!!



* Full Body Tan $45

* Package of 3 Full Body tans $135

* Package of 6 Full Body tans $258

* Partial Tan $35 (arms, legs and face)

* Package of 3 Partial tans $105

* Package of 6 Partial tans $198

*NEW: Tone and Tan Discount! $5 off for those who buy any pilates services in addition to an airbrush tanning services!


Airbrush Tan Preparation:

Make sure your body is free of make-up, moisturizer, and deodorant. These can act as a barrier and block the tan, and cause an uneven tan or create discoloration.
TIP: If you are booking a last minute tan, you can remove these in our salon.
Please schedule your appointment after manicures or pedicures. We do not recommend nail service other then polish changes after your airbrush appointment.
Any soaking or scrubbing will remove the tan prematurely and cause unevenness,
Wear very dark loose fitting clothes for after your appointment. Please no jeans.
Denim will soak up your tan and cause unevenness.
TIP: If you are booking a last minute appointment and are already wearing restricting clothes, pick up something loose and inexpensive to wear before your appointment.
In inclement weather please wear a jacket, long pants and boots. You can not get wet or sweat for 8-10 hours after your airbrush service, or up to 4 hours with our express tan.

Airbrush Tanning After Care:

After your original tan treatment, we recommend waiting 8-10 hours before your first post treatment shower
After your express solution treatment, you may shower 2- 4 hours depending on how dark you would like to be. Leaving the solution on longer will make the tan become darker. Please make sure you do not keep our express solution on longer than 5 hours.
TIP: The tan may take longer to develop in certain areas, so it is important to leave it on for the full recommended time. You will see the true color a few hours after your first shower. If you see any creases, marks or areas where the tan has rubbed off, DO NOT PANIC! This is just the color guide. This will even out after your first shower.
After your shower, if you see any issues with your tan, contact our studio immediately. This is not common but can happen if the areas have been wet or touched before you took your shower.
The bronzer you see initially after the service is not your tan it is a color guide. As your tan develops you may get darker in the 8-12 hour developing time. This is the solution developing underneath. After your first shower you will be the same color as your color guide when you left EmBodyment Airbrush Tanning.
Please do not expose your skin to water, sweating or working out while your airbrush is developing.
Use soap very lightly during your showers. Do not scrub your skin until you are ready to remove your tan before your next application.
TIP: Best to use a moisturizing soap when showering with a spray tan.
Please avoid waxing after the service it will result in taking your tan off.
EmBodyment Airbrush Tanning strongly suggests moisturizing one to two times a day when your airbrush is on. Moisturizing correctly will extend your tan and make it fade evenly.

               Ask us about our take home products for purchase that can preserve your tan even longer!


Wedding Special:

*bride $30

*bridesmaids and family members $35




Airbrush Tanning Reservation/Cancellation Policy:

All reservations are by appointment only and are held with a credit card. Please allow 24 hours advance notice to cancel. If there is no notice one hour prior to your scheduled appointment a $10 late fee will be debited on your credit card.

* All tanning services are non-refundable but are transferable

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