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Is pilates going to fix the problem that I have now? Yes, the vast majority of lower back, joint or neck pain is a result of misalignment caused by imbalanced muscular tightness and weakness.


Unfortunately, modern life, seated over steering wheels and computer screens, lends itself to this condition.


Muscles continuously pull bones and when one side pulls harder than the other, bones are pulled out of alignment and problems begin. Unchecked, these problems worsen and become chronic.


Correct alignment is the central focus of Pilates.

We put the bones where they belong and keep them there. 

We then perform the movements that condition the muscles and nervous system to not only be stronger and more supple, but most importantly, to maintain your proper alignment.

To achieve optimal health, the strength and flexibility of your body’s musculature must be balanced.


Allow us to help us to help you attain the balanced pain free life that you were meant to have. 

Come and Bridge your Mind & Body!






I absolutely love Rob and Amanda & would highly recommend them to anyone interested in Pilates. 

My sessions at Pilates EmBodyment were essential in keeping me moving during multiple, extraordinarily difficult surgeries and near mortal mishaps.

I’ve had a Harrington rod since the age of 15 to remedy my scoliosis. Over time, the rod caused increasing lumbar disc compression and cervical misalignment, to the point where I required extensive spinal fusion surgery. This surgery carried a 50% risk of paralysis. However, paralysis was certain if I didn’t have the surgery. Thanks to my surgeon and my prayer warriors, I came through.

I was very excited to come back to Pilates EmBodyment. That studio is my “Happy Place” but I knew I had to be careful as, anyone who knows me will say, I can be very determined and wind up pushing myself too hard and too fast.

Rob always puts you at ease and is very knowledgeable. He collaborated with myself and my surgeon when planning my sessions. He modified my work around my specific protocols in order to keep me safe while continuing to strengthen me.

I have no doubt that my Pilates sessions played a pivotal role in keeping me mobile and centered during my recovery.

I’ve seen Rob and Amanda help people recover from surgery and I’ve seen them conditioning high level dancers and athletes. They can help anyone and will welcome you with open arms.

                                                                                                                                                     -  Kelly Orgeron

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